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Eddie Gluskin x Reader: DollHouse

I was reading some outlast fanfiction and thought, huh, I should write an Eddie Gluskin x reader.

Now,I suck royally with personalities, so most of it with be fathomed within my head.

This is a pre-Mount massive, pre-murder's, pretty much pre-adulthood-- school thing...In which you, being the reader, go to  school with Mr.Gluskin.

WARNING: Obviously since this is an Outlast based fanfiction, it's going to have some dark ,gory, disturbing elements...

chilled wind was the first thing you felt slap you in the face as you stepped out of the large front door's of your school and onto the crumbling stair case leading to your pathway home. You gently place your books on one of the steps so you can smooth out the wrinkles of your uniform skirt, Then wrap your scratchy brown scarf snug around your neck, before the wind manages to snatch your papers up. You catch one of them triumphantly, but unfortunately the other one slip's out of your grasp and slaps right against a large weeping willow tree in the front school yard. You silently curse to your self as you pick up your books and go after it, your black shoes clicking under you. The devilish little paper fly's from it's spot on the tree, and you find yourself chasing it like an escaped pet dog, all while calling after it as if the wind gave a damn about your plea's for it to stop.

You came to a sudden halt as the paper wedged it's self under a strange boy's foot. He almost automatically swooped down and picked it up. You noted his icey blue eye's that were brought out greatly by his ink black, messy hair. You had seen him before in the hall's of your school, but never felt the need to talk to him. Come to think of it, you never really saw him talking to anyone. You were staring at him for a good 10 seconds before he held the paper in-front of you and asked "Is this yours?" you blinked and looked down at the sidewalk. Being social wasnt really your thing, and eye contact made you horribly uncomfortable "uh,yes. Thanks..."

His voice tottered on deep, with occasional cracks. He must be in the mist of puberty then. He looked to be around 12 or 13, though he was a bit tall, so maybe older.You yourself were 11, in your first year of middle school. You felt inferior to any kid who was older than you, and this boy was no exception. If anything he was one of the more intimidating ones, and yet you felt the need to continue speaking to him,he looked so warn, and tired.Like he needed someone to talk too,but you could just be delusional. "Havent I seen you around school?" He looked at you slightly surprised, as if he wasnt expecting any further conversation. He shrugged, and you glimpsed at him just as the wind knocked his bangs into his eyes. You waited for a verbal reply, but when you didnt get one you just continued talking. "My names ______, and you are?".

This time he looked at you as if you'd done something confusing. He shuffled his shoes, making a scraping noise on the pavement "call me Eddie...". Eddie....yes, you've heard his name before, mentioned among other students, You've even heard your friends mumbling the name among-st gossip, but you ignored them most the time, choosing to read instead. Then again, there's plenty more Eddie's in the world. You hugged your book's too you chest and gave a weak smile to the boy, to try to ease the tension. "what are you waiting for? does someone pick you up?" Your weak attempt at conversation dug into your mentality like a knife on a grinder. You felt so uncomfortable, and yet you felt as if you wanted to get too know this boy. After all, he did save your paper from the evil clutches of the wind. You noted how great he was at maintaining eye contact ,never looking away from you, if only for moment's at a time to see if his ride had arrived. You however were still struggling to keep such contact with him, kicking yourself mentally. He shuffled his feet again, while the wind continued to blow "Yeah, my father pick's me up. You walk home, right?". "Yeah..." yes, you walked home. The trek took an hour there, and an hour back. But your father was constantly working, and your mother stayed home all day, cleaning and such. They were much to busy to pick you up.

"I've seen you walking before" he jolted as if he'd made a mistake "Not that I watch you all the time, just in passing. I've seen you.."

It was becoming very clean that you were both socially awkward on a decent level. Eddie obviously mastered eye contact, but you both pretty much sucked at holding a decent conversation. You decided you should start heading home so as to not freak your mother out. You giggled to ease Eddie's troubled mind and wipe clean the thought that he creeped you out "I understand, look, I need to start heading home--uhm...but...We'll talk again tomorrow?" You look at him with questioning eyes, actually feeling quite proud of yourself for the amount of time that you managed to stare into those pretty blue orbs. Again, he looked surprised.

A small grin appeared on his lips and he uttered a small "Yeah...alright"

After that you pretty much skipped all the way home. You had no clue why, but the thought of meeting someone new, and inviting them into your life excited you. Needless to say your feet were killing you when you finally got home. Your mother lectured you on taking your time to get home, how she was worried sick. You promptly apologized, nothing denting your good mood. At dinner you found you were still smiling, completely lost in the clouds while your father said the pre-dinner prayer.

After that day, you saw Eddie almost everyday after school. That slowly grew to quick meeting's in the hall's, until you were both inseparable during school hours (save for when you had to go to classes). Eddie was very secretive. He didnt like to talk about his family much, But what he was willing to share was that he lived on a farm and that his mother liked to sew. Obviously not much, but you werent one to pry.

You told Eddie just about everything about your family. The fact that your father ran a company so he was never home, except during the late hours of the night when he got home, only seeing him at the dinner table. That your mother was alway's stressed, but stayed home and did her duties none the less. Your older sister was in collage, but came home occasionally for meal's. Of-course, you have your own secret's you lock deep down in dusty, rusted door's, hidden behind torn tattered curtain's. That though you live in a nice, big house, with nice car's and pretty flowers, your life was far from perfect. You father, getting drunk more often than not, slapping around you and your mother,cramming the grace of god down your throat at the mere mention of boys. Breaking bottles, making accusation's he couldnt back up with anything but crazy delusions. Your dim mother, stupidly assuming he'll get better, holding false promises in her bruise palms, while she sobbed over the soapy dishes. That your sister avoided being home as much as possible because of this. But you think the worst of all was that no one outside saw this. They thought your family was ideal. perfect. but honestly, you didnt want to share that with anyone. As year's passed you felt the stress gnawing at your skull, the heavy rock that dragged you down, deeper into the dark unknown of your mental lake.

You sat in your bed, two year's after you met Eddie. You felt as if you needed to tell him. Even just a little, a shard shred, smashed from the entire reflection. Eddie wasnt aloud to answer his phone. So calling him proved no use, it was late any how. He was probably asleep at the late hour of 3 am. You flinched and clutched onto your anxiety, as you listen to your father berate your mother just two rooms away. You hear the harsh sounds of yelling, screaming, slapping, glass crashing. You stare at your white door as if a monster will burst through it. And in your selfish thoughts, you silently hoped he wouldnt come for you tonight. Just one night to get through. And you'll finally come clean a fragment to your best friend.

Obviously, you were completely blind to the crack's in Eddie's family picture's. You both had more in common than you ever dared to share with each other. You were both dusty, warn out porcelain, abused /abused/ porcelain dolls, scraping at the door's for freedom with such dedication that your nail's tore and finger bled. In the two year's you've known Eddie, you always recalled that his face never looked relaxed, body alway's tensed. You found you were afraid to ask what was wrong. Of course you asked him. He dodge your questions, asking if you needed help with homework, alway's asking about you. Never uttering a grain of information about himself. Though you grew to adore Eddie, you felt like you barely scratched the surface of him. And that dried you.

What did stick out was that Eddie had zero friends prior to knowing you. Which shocked you, he was caring, attentive, so sweet. And yet held such heavy grey's under his beautiful eyes. School had become your sanctuary for each other.

As you started laying back, staring as your ceiling, thinking out nothing but the boy, you were completely oblivious to the fact that you echoed his thoughts as well. You had no idea how much you need one another.
Eddie Gluskin x Reader Chptr 1: DollHouse
Chapter one in a series i hop to continue, hopefully.

A pre asylum, pre-murders pre everything reader insert in which you go to the same school as Eddie, It takes place 1980-- to when ever

Shitty personalities are shitty cuz i suck. 

none the less i hope you enjoy reading this, its kinda jumpy but hopefully that gets better as the story progresses.

I do not own Eddie Gluskin in anyways unfortunately 


United States amber


Alternate account ------ :iconballistic-goat-fish:
Basic Information

Name: Gallax

Gender: Female

Birthday: Unknown 

Height: unknown (around 5'2)

Weight: 109 lbs

age: exact age unknown

Hair: light greyish blue

Eyes: silver, blind looking


Mother - deceased

 Father - deceased

  Siblings - brother- deceased

  other family


Former Affiliation: Plegian army

Species: human

Status: Alive

Other Information

Nationalities: Plegian

Languages: english???

Hobbies: ritual's to pay respects to the moon, recording the star's,constellations, sky patterns. reading

Likes: Reading, learning new skills, looking at sky, being left alone most the time, birds and animals

Dislikes: being interrupted during a ritual, being spoken too out of no where, being ordered around/told what to do, sweet food, most human/non-human interaction

About: Gallax can be recruited from the Plegian army. Though she is very withdrawn and can be a hassle to get along with, she is a very powerful sorcerer and can make a decent contribution if persuaded. Gallax run's a strict 'religion' of sorts that revolves very heavily around paying contribution and respect to the Moon, which she believe's is a powerful Goddess that controls her strength and wellness, that also has the ability to take live's when ever she pleases. Her 'religion' relies heavily on nightly ritual's, depending on the time of year. Due to the nightly ritual's, she rarely (if ever) get's any sleep. If the subject of her lack of sleep come's up she will simply shrug it off or ignore you. Gallax can often come off withdrawn or cranky, both these are probably linked to her horrible sleeping patterns. Gallax tries heavily to avoid making friends, because she does not want any attachments to anyone. She will do anything between ignoring you to straight out insulting you to keep you away from her. She firmly believe's being alone will keep her safe from any emotional damage. Her belief's stem from an incident that occurred when she was very young, She had been taking a walk in the night and made a comment that the Moon looked 'fat'. The following day, her family died in a freak accident, leaving her alone. She believe's her comment angered the moon and so she devotes almost all her time to worshiping it. These ritual include anything between strict fasting, to blood offerings, chanting, and odd dance movements. She is well aware most people believe she is crazy, but she is firm in her beliefs. She carries  around a large book that contain's star placements, constellations, astronomical signs, spells and much more, most revolving around the Moon.

If you are able to become her companion, she begins mentioning you during her ritual's to ensure good luck and wellness upon you, and panic's if you say or do anything she believes will upset the Moon. If you can break her of her heavy superstitions, she makes a very good contribution to the cause as a very strong sorcerer, though convincing her is not an easy task. That all said, she is very helpful in battle because she believe's the lives she takes count as a blood sacrifice to the moon Goddess.

It is very out of place for her to laugh or smile, so if you get that out of her you should feel special. At her core she is just a paranoid girl, with heavy superstitions and guilt weighing her down, and if only trying to repent for her actions, although she feels she can never repay her family.

Gallax has a short choppy uneven hair cut with a head band resting on her head. There is a crystal in the center of the headband that she uses to focus her energy. She has a very calm look on her face most of the time, but also appear's tired due to her lack of sleep.She believe's she is not very pretty compared to other Plegian females. She is very slim and has a small bust size. Her ribs and hip bone's show slightly through her skin due to her lack of apatite, though he has very large hips that one of the comrades push fun at her for, even comparing them to the size of the moon.

She wear's a full body suit, showing very little skin, with and over shirt, thick belt, and waist wrap. She even wear glove's and metal claws to hide her hands. The only skin visual is a small section of her thigh that is cut of her body suit, and her face, which occasionally has a hood on it. 
Gallax put's out the she is very loner-ish and rude but only acts that way to push people away. At her core she is very emotionally timid but sweet is you get to know her close enough, Though she has self esteem issues, and is very lonely. She often find's herself longing for company but refuses to give into her needs because she believe's its selfish. She find's it hard to interact with others and be quite socially awkward at times, but primarily can be a decent person to befriend.


Gallax is known to have bitter relationships with most people, but few people make their way into her little circle.

She has a bitter-sweet (mostly bitter) relaionship with someone she refers to as 'Hood'

She has feeling's for Henry, but will not approach him on those feelings.

She gain's a somewhat friendship with a very persistent short girl named Ignacio.

  • Mood: High

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