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So. it is literally like, 6:15 AM and i felt like writing some MINDLESS SMUT...SOOOOO Mindless Gamzee x reader it is!

Basically an AU that vaguely explains that you're a low-blood servant, Gamzee is a prince..and everyone and their grandma is alive.

(Gamzee/Homestuck belong to Andrew Hussie)

Here it goes

You follow quickly through the large corridors of the castlesque hive. Gamzee walking in long strides ahead of you while you shuffle to keep up. You look around anxiously because you know you two shouldnt be there and if someone found out, if the /Grand Highblood/ found out, who do you think would take the fall for this? Not the young-Prince subjugglator...You are the low-blood, you are all the blame will fall onto but you just /cant/ say no too him. The way he looks at you in a gazing manner, the soft way he speaks to you, while leaning close into your ear, bumping your horn lightly while he whispers such vulgar things to you in the crowded room filled with other highbloods. The knowing look he gives you as you both slowly slip from the loud room, to the faded voices of the corridors. You are going no where in particular.

Gamzee glances back at you, and gives you some kind of grin,and you are unsure if its suggestive or reassuring, you feel like he doesnt know either. When you finally reach no where in particular, you find yourself pinned to the cold stone wall with hands running all over you. They shift from gentle to rough and you whimper because you still feel the bruises from before, from the last damn time you threw your life on the line for this addicting asshole and /gog/ if only you knew how to say no. Every noise that escapes your lips is followed by a deep chuckle from your partner, because he knows, he knows how much fucking trouble you would be in, but it only seems to make him more excited. You feel his warm lips grazing over your ear, nibbling at them, because Gamzee doesnt know how to not use his teeth. You were never bothered by this, but the questionable marks those teeth leave are another story. You feel him roughly tug away at your clothes, you feel the fabric press against your skin to the breaking point and hear tearing, you quietly tell Gamzee not to rip them, but he'll only take that as a suggestion. Those large hands glide over your thighs, straight to your ass and the squeeze in punctuated by him thrusting you against his knee, and the low growl of the word "honk" and the word shouldnt turn you on as much as it does, but the gasps that escapes you sounds like a symphony in Gamzee's ears.

Those teeth returned to your neck, Kissing, biting, and licking away the sting. As Gamzee hoist you up by your hips, and you wrap your legs around his waist, you're reminded of the height difference between you two. He pins your arms above your head with one hand, and supports your weight with the other. You note his heavy breathing, and he notes yours as his yellow/red eyes meet to reach your's. You had no words to describe the face Gamzee made as he came to the realization that he is tearing you apart. He get's so very close to your face, your nose bumps his, but he stop's right before his lips meet your's, and you know what he's doing and you know you'll have to beg, or ask for it because he loves you hear you beg him, he loves the helpless voice cracks, and the way your face looks when you plead and, dammit, he'll always get what he wants. You leaned your face toward his wantingly, fuck, needy-ly. He grins again as he asks in a low voice "YoU wAnT iT?" just barely a whisper. You nod your head but you know it wont be enough to convince him so you add a broken and whiney "y-yeah..." and SHIT that probably wasn't enough at all, you'll probably melt from your heat before you get any sort of contact. Gamzee stares at you, as if he was waiting for the rest of your answer, but realizes that in your current state that is /probably/ the best you can squeak out. But that just wont do. He grinds his hips into yours roughly, and you whimper and throw your head back slightly before readjusting yourself. He leans forward and presses his warm lips to your ear, grazing your cheek as he moves toward it "hOw BaD? hM? hOw BaD dO yOu NeEd Me?" You shiver as you feel his breath against your ear, and feel the wet warmth of his tongue lap over your jaw, and you really /dont know/ if you can reply. You let out a groan and try so hard to find the words. You note the fact that he said need, but there are no words to describe how much you fucking need him, but you guess you'll have to settle " s-so much, gog Gamzee, so /SO/ much" fuck that sounded so pathetic, but thats just how he likes you, pathetic and begging. He moves his face and presses his forehead against your's, almost as if he's teasing you. He sit's for a moment, looking downward, staring at gog knows what. He lets the delicious sound of your uneven breathing seep into his ear's and motherfucking shit, if he didnt think you were the most beautiful thing in this sad universe right now. Suddenly, he presses his lip's into yours, /finally/ You feel those teeth clank against yours, and you do your damn best to keep up with him, but he over powers you so easily. The kiss is deepened to the point of pain and you moan to swallow it away, but you would be lying to say you didnt love the feeling. You feel his hand slip from holding yours above you and move to press at the back of your neck, feel his knee move to support you, grabbing your hips not so gently with the other hand and you tighten your legs around him. He groans deeply as you push against him. You rest your hands on his upper arm's, and use that as leverage for not hitting the cold floor, as he moves the hand from your neck, to hold the other hip and grind oh so roughly into you again. The kiss has slowed down, you think you may suffocate, but you refuse to pull away, and the look on your face tell's a fucking Odyssey to Gamzee when he pull's away. Shit, he think's he may damn well explode, right there. Some how through the awkward position, he finds a way to remove the rest of your damn pants, which are ripped and split in places from earlier tugging. He pushes your top up,scrunching at your torso, because, damn it, there is no gog damn time to remove all these motherfucking clothing pieces. You let out a low, begging, plead "G-Gamzee" and he shooshes you, and rubs circles around your hip bones, as he whispers to you "I kNoW, i KnOw, I pRoMiSe, I'lL mAkE yOu FeEl /SO/ FuCkInG gOoD sOoN, i PrOmIsE" he punctuates that sentence with a deep kiss, that lasted about two seconds. You noticed  how deep his voice had gotten, and how heavy his breathing is. For a moment you question how he can still form sentences.

Gamzee licks down your jaw, to your collar bones, careful not to stab you in the face with his horns. His knee is getting fucking tired from holding you up in that position, but fuck if thats going to be a problem. Gamzee stops for a moment and looks like he's thinking. You're about to whine again, when he presses his fingers to your (bloodcolor) tinted lips and gave you a look that said 'put these in your fucking mouth' and you happily begin sucking on them, wrapping your tongue around his fingers, and grazing them with your teeth, and you feel Gamzee shutter and u watch his face as he groans in want for you. You feel the tightness of his pants pressing against you and you question how he's been able to keep /all/ his clothes on for this long. When he pulled his fingers from your mouth, a disgusting line of saliva follows, and you swallow harshly as Gamzee moves those fingers and slip's them under the fabric of your under-garment. You breath out something sounding like "f-fffu" as he presses his finger's to such vulgar places, and you think 'gog please dont make me beg' because you want this so bad, you cant remember the last time you wanted Gamzee this bad. You suppose he feel's the same way, and he rests his head on your shoulder and starts lighting prodding at your entrance with his fingers, dipping in deeper with each new thrust. Finally, through all the whining and groaning and "ohs, ahh's and every other fucking noise you can produce from that mouth of your's. He slip's them as far in as they can go, and Gamzee looks at your face, taking in the sight of your hollow eyes as your fingers dig into his arms, /fuck/ he loves the feeling of your nails digging into him. He breathes out a sharp "/shit/" because its /so hard/ to control himself around you,he never shows it, but, damn-- do you rip him apart. He think's he might die if he doesnt get you soon. But he already has you, he's had you from the moment you met him and you lean your forehead against his shoulder, and feel him nuzzle your hair, and kiss your head as he pull's his fingers out, and you shiver and whimper as he tugs off the sopping wet cloth. Without his permission, you begin tugging at the latch of his belt, had this been any other time, he would have scolded you, punish you by making you wait, but his fucking mind is too clouded with need to give a fuck. You both want the same damn thing, you're both so perfectly in sync with the other's thoughts and actions that it would actually be scary if you could comprehend it.

After about 4 minutes of fumbling and tugging, the damn belt finally comes off, no thanks to the position, but Gamzee refuses to be any further from you than he already is (which isnt much). You hear him let out a relieved sigh as you awkwardly push his pants down past his thighs. He would help but he's holding your hips in place and damn, he'll admit that you look fucking perfect pulling his clothe's off. You push his polka-dotted under-garments down as well and finally feel his hardness push flush against you, you push back into it and he shivers and stumbles slightly, because you /almost made him drop you/. He kisses you again, this time with more passion, inhaling deeply as he does so, pulling away and licking your lips. He presses his forehead to yours and with zero warning, presses the tip of his member into you. He watching every inch of your face as it changes. He goes deeper with each thrust and the faces you make almost look like you're in pain, but the moans and sweet noises say other wise. He is guiding your hips down on him, which is perfect because you dont know if you could follow his movements properly right now, and fuckfuckfuck he's hitting every sweet spot possible because he's mapped you out so perfectly. You hear nothing but heavy breathing and moans, groans, whimpers for a long time before you croak out quietly how /good/ he makes you feel, how you never want him to stop, if he stops you think you might /die/ from the shock. Your fucking words are killing him, he makes a deep whining noise that fades to a low growl as he slams into you harder because you are /tearing him apart/ fuck he loves you so much, but he cant say such things out loud, so he says other things instead, things that make you feel dirty in all the right ways because its Gamzee saying them to you "yOu FeEl So MoThErFuCkInG gOoD w--RaPpEd ArOuNd Me--" he goes on about how he could fuck you forever, and you take it to heart, because you would honestly /let/ him have his wish if you could.

Shit, it's been so damn long, someone is bound to be looking for you. You're a little on edge, in more ways than one as you move your hips with Gamzee, who's movements have grown out of control, and your body aches so bad but you want to finish so you keep going. You feel his thumbs dig  into your hips, and you know there will be bruises there, you welcome them because they are gift's from your highblood and cherish them so much as you wrap your arms around his neck and bury your face into his shoulder because you've reached your end. Gamzee nuzzles right into your hair because he's  right at the end with you. You have to cover your mouth to keep yourself from screaming as you reach your peak, Gamzee growls into your ear, making no effort to keep quiet. You wouldnt be surprised if someone had heard that, hell if the entire planet herd that.

Gamzee finally collapsed, pinning you to the wall as you both sat on the floor trying to catch your breath. as you come down from the high you realize you no longer have presentable pants to wear, but for now you dont care because Gamzee is cuddling you and nuzzling you, and leaving trails of kisses from your shoulder to you face, and you lean into them, partly because you are exhausted. He's whispering sweet something's into your ears but you cant hear him properly. You think he might have said he loved you, but hell maybe that was just a delusion. You feel sleep wash over you so harshly that resting in Gamzee's arms is absolutely heaven for you. So you get as comfortable as possible and accept the darkness washing over you. You'll deal with other problems when you awaken.
Prince Gamzee x Reader (SMUT)
I was bored so i wrote just flat out smut, hope you enjoy it

Gamzee belong to Andrew Hussie

y0u belong to yourself 
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The last of my updated CHRACTERS SOOOO FAR

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